About our breeding

Welcome to the website of our Italian Greyhound breeding PRESTISSIMO.

A couple of years ago we started to breed Italian Greyhounds and called our breeding “Prestissimo”.

We are members of the Polish Kennel Club and also of the international organization FCI. All of our whelps have required documents, so we do not sell dogs without confirmed pedigree.




Currently in our breeding there are three Greyhound bitches: our first dog, Ardezja (a.k.a. Sirius GEMMA), Tanzi from “Libra Lira” breeding, and her daughter – Betty Lou (a.k.a Lilu), who was bred in Prestissimo. In 2016 we imported a puppy with excellent pedigree from Czech breeding. Little Italian Greyhounds are overwhelmingly friendly and greathearted dogs, that bring happiness to everyone. They love strolling and playing, and return a favor of caring owner with a big doggy affection.  

We would like to invite you to take a look at our website. Here will you find information about our dogs and puppies, breed details, news about development of Prestissimo, and photos.

Anida Cieślar



ARDEZJA - Sirius GEMMA - our first bitch